Terms and Conditions

Our Plans:

  1. We will keep track of each type of plan, payment method and payment period
  2. Any data submitted or emails to us will be kept safe and secure
  3. We will respond to all support tickets within 4 office hours
  4. *Low priority tasks will be actioned within 3–4 working days
  5. *Normal priority tasks will be actioned within 2–3 working days
  6. *High priority tasks will be actioned within 1–2 working days
  7. We will keep a record of all task requests. A breakdown of tasks can be seen by logging into your Syntiro Support account
  8. Support time is monthly and does not carry over from one month to the next
  9. We will install monitoring plugins on your site to enable us to receive notifications of any potential issues
  10. We will update your plugins, theme and WordPress inline with your plan’s timeframe. Your site will be fully checked after updates
  11. Should your support task require further time outside of your plan to complete, we will inform you before starting any work
  12. We accept support tasks, either through the Syntiro Support website or via email
  13. Google Analytics reports will be sent to you via email if your plan includes them
  14. If we do not host your website, we are not responsible for downtime on your server, but support time can be used to help fix issues
  15. We will require access to your WordPress dashboard and web files to implement updates and fixes
  16. You can cancel your plan at any time, however, we do require 30 days notice
  17. You can upgrade your plan at any time

*These times are guides. The amount of time needed to complete a task depends on the difficulty and requirement itself. Note that requests for new design and development work are subject to schedule into the studio and quoted separate from maintenance.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. You must notify us of any plans to change your WordPress theme, add new plugins or make template changes
  2. You must notify us if any other third party has access to your site to make changes of any kind
  3. You must not abuse the task system on the Syntiro Support website, either by spamming tasks or submitting expletive content
  4. You will provide us with access to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts in order to provide accurate reports
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