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What to do if your WordPress website breaks or needs fixing?

What to do if your WordPress website breaks or needs fixing?

31 Oct' 19 | By christian

Breakdown cover, life insurance, product warranties, health, home, life, phone, cat, dog. The list goes on. We insure and protect everything and anything that is worth something to us. So why not our websites?

We spend over 3 hours online every day, probably much longer than the amount of time the average person spends in their car. You probably don’t drive your car without getting it serviced, insuring it or getting an MOT. Yet many companies don’t see the need to maintain and keep their website updated or supported.

Websites have to be regularly updated and maintained because sooner or later they will break down. Things can, and do all too often, break without warning, and it’s usually when you need them most, that’s why insurance exists. It protects you against the risks and potential threat of things going horribly wrong.

Of course, if you already have breakdown cover, life insurance or warranties and something goes wrong, you just phone them up and they’ll be out in an hour to fix the problem. You’ll be able to get on with your day not having to worry about if it’s going to happen again.

WordPress websites can break just as easily, and it can cost anywhere from a hundred pounds for a quick fix on a small site, to thousands of pounds for something major or more sinister on a large corporate website.

Your website is important too, probably more important than your car, flashy smartphone, 4K ultra TV or whatever you’ve just bought, that you purchased the extra insurance or warranty for. It’s naive to think that once your WordPress website is built, then that’s it, it’ll run well, keep running, and look better than your competitors website for ever.

WordPress is constantly evolving, updating and improving and many things can go wrong when it isn’t regularly maintained and updated. Plugins can break because they’re no longer compatible with newer features or they use discontinued code. Hackers can find vulnerabilities in poorly created, insecure WordPress sites or plugins, if you don’t update them, they’ll be free to exploit them and access all your sensitive information.

When you run your own business or work in a busy marketing department, the last thing you want to do is worry about learning how to code in order to keep your company website up-to-date. Not when you’ve got a million and one other jobs to do that day. That’s where an expert website support company can help.

If your site goes down and needs fixing, you need to update plugins, improve WordPress security or just add some new content. A website support provider can do all of that for you and more, saving you time, money and a whole lot of egg on your face. A simple five-minute email outweighs several hours of searching for a reliable and professional WordPress expert to help any day.

If you already recognise the symptoms, the WordPress error establishing a database connection, the white screen of death, 502 Bad Gateway, a security concern or performance lag, Syntiro Support is your prefect partner.

Syntiro Support can provide you with a quick fix, but also offer a variety of WordPress help and support plans starting from only £60 per month. The full-range of services include complete website design, copywriting, SEO optimisation, mobile optimisation, graphic design and even video animation. The team can help you market your next brilliant idea, rank higher in the Google SERP, or even produce an explainer video that lets the world know your business exists.

Support. Solution. Syntiro.

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